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Friday, March 25, 2005


American Eskimo
So sleepy!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Other Vet

Yuk! We went to see a different vet today. This vet was not nice. He looked at me very uninterestedly. My Mommie was not happy with him. I do not think she will bring me back there. But the nurse was so nice. She talked to me a lot so that I would not get scared. And she gave me a treat and petted me a lot. Anyway, I was pronounced healthy and that made Mommie happy. But she made them clean out my anal sacs. She saw me scooting a few times so she told the vet and so he sort of poked me in the butt to clear it out. It hurt a lot. I cried. Mommie was looking through the window at what they were doing to me. She looked so scared for me. I really do not think she will bring me back there.

Friday, March 18, 2005


Mommie is back from interviewing the neighbors. All of them denied filing the complaint. Wonder who did then. Maybe someone else passed by and heard me? Anyway, most of them said that I only barked if they passed by and that they were not bothered by my barking. The others said they had never heard me barking and did not know a doggie lived next door. The ones who heard me said they heard me barking in the morning and evening when they were going off to work or arriving from work. Mom explained to them that I was new to the neighborhood and as soon as I was housebroken, I would stay inside so that I would not hear people passing by the house. I hope whoever complained will not do so again. I want the neighbors to like me. But I still do not understand why I am not supposed to bark.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Today Mommie received a complaint from the Home Owner's Association. Someone filed a formal complaint about my barking. Yikes! My barking escapades have been exposed. I was hoping she would not find out about it. She was very surprised to get a memo because she has never heard me barking. I only bark when people walk by the backyard and she is not around. I like to let them know I am there guarding the house. The backyard faces a small private street that only our closest neighbors use. There are five neighbors that I have seen walking there. She is planning on talking to them to see which of them I bothered and to find out what time they heard me barking. She said she would keep me inside at those times so that I could not bark at them.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

First Trip to the Pet Store

We went to the pet store today. I thought we were only there to go shopping but there was a vet there and I got tested for Heartworms, too. They took some blood from my paw. I did not like it but the vet said I was very good and behaved very well for a doggie that has been with my Mommie for just a week. Mommie was so proud of me. We then went on to the shopping. I got to sit in the shopping cart because she could not walk me and push the cart at the same time. Lots of people saw me in my cart and said I was so cute. Heheh!!! We bought some toys and treats. Goodie! I got a squeeky toy tripod but it only lasted a few minutes. I really liked chewing on it but I chewed it too much and I was able to rip off parts of the toy. It was yummy but Mommie took it away when she saw me eating the rubber. Sniff!

American Eskimo
My tripod toy. It's was my favorite but I broke it. I didn't mean to break it. Good thing now I have a new one. Hope this one is made of sturdier stuff.

My First Visitors

I had my first visitors last night. My Mommie's friends came over to check me out. They were all very nice. Two of them smelled suspisciously like doggies but there were no other doggies around. It was already so late and I was so sleepy but I tried to keep awake to hear their stories. They were talking about me and some other doggies. My Mommie was asking them a lot of questions about how to take care of me. It turns out I am her first doggie. There were dogs in the house while she was growing up but she only played with them. She was not in charge of taking care of them so she does not know what to do with me. She read a lot of stuff to prepare but she still has a lot of questions. She is worried because I have been peeing near the door whenever she comes home. They said it was called submissive peeing and that I do it to show that I am acknowledging that she is the top dog in the house. She does not look pleased when I do my welcome pee but I am just too anxious to see her. I am always worried that she might not come back when she leaves. She is also worried because I do not eat or drink or play when she is not around. Apparently, I have some abandonment/confidence issues. I guess I will have to work on that. But I really do not feel like eating, drinking or playing if she is away.

Friday, March 11, 2005

So That's The Routine

It's been 5 days since I got here. I guess that's the routine. We get up at 7am and I go out for my morning pee and poop session. Then I get fed. My Mommie disappears upstairs for a while. Then she reappears, plays with me for a while, then goes off to work. After a few hours, she returns, lets me go out for my afternoon pee and poop session, feeds me and we go for a walk and play until bed time. I can get used to this!

American Eskimo
Owh! She left for work again!

Monday, March 07, 2005

If She Only Knew

Whew! She came back again. I found out she just went to work. Oh! I was so worried she would not return. She gave me my dinner and we played again. I got lots of praise for not barking or crying while she was gone. If she only knew. I barked at a few people a while ago. I heard them pass by the backyard and I let them know I was there guarding the house. I think that is the right thing to do. I do not know why she is praising me for not barking. Anyway, I hope she does not find out that I barked at the neighbors. It's our little secret, ok?

American Eskimo

Where'd She Go Now?

Yey! She came back. And this time she gave me food! Yummm!!! I do love my canned dog food! We played a little this morning in the backyard. It is nice out here. I like rolling around in this mulch. Feels so nice and cool! I heard the car leave this morning and I have not seen my new Mommie for a while. Where'd she go now? I wonder if she will be back. I am not so sure I like this. I miss Buddy. He used to be with me all the time. What do I do now? Hmmm... So bored.

My New Home

Home at last. New home that is. My new Mommie picked me up this afternoon. My temp Mom was sad to see me go. She cuddled me a lot before giving me away. That is ok, Buddy will keep her company. It took a while before we left. They talked a lot about how to take care of me. And I found out some stuff, too. New Mommie took a look at another doggie after she saw me. It was a Pomeranian. She liked his size better than mine because he was smaller. But he bit her and her friend so she decided not to adopt him. Serves her right! Haha! She should have stuck with me, her original choice. I would never bite her. Temp Mom gave her my stuff to bring with us. I did not have a lot. Just my bowl, collar and leash. Plus my Heartguard medicine and some dog biscuits. She put on my leash and off we went! I jumped right into the car. I was so excited to go for a car ride. When we got to her house, I went to investigate immediately. Backyard was good, kitchen was good...Wow! She had a pillow for me to sleep on and I would get to sleep inside the house. Goodie! Not sure about all these boxes lying around though. Seems like she is trying to keep me away from certain parts of the house. We played a lot today. We played with a rawhide bone, tennis ball and I got some treats. At first I did not know what to do. So I took the toys and treats and put them on the floor. Then she taught me how to play with them and that I could eat the treats. I am not used to having toys and treats. This is turning out to be a good change! I am so tired now but I can't sleep. She went upstairs a few hours ago and has not returned. I do not know if she will be back. I am worried but I will wait to see if she returns.

American Eskimo
Me in my new backyard.

American Eskimo
We live near the airport. Was that another airplane?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Best Birthday Gift

It's my birthday today! I am three years old. And the best birthday present of all -> I am getting adopted!! The lady who came to see me the other day did want me after all. She just left me here so that she could prepare my new home for me. Wheee! I am so happy. I hope she will become my permanent family. She is coming on Sunday to pick me up. I am so excited.