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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Meetup With Hana

We met up with Hana the Eskie yesterday morning. We met at a Starbucks. I saw her car arrive and Hana was at the backseat. She saw me from the window and kept her eye on me as they were parking. I was so excited to see her too and tugged at Mom so that we could go to their car. When Hana's Mom opened her door to get out I peeked inside to get a look at Hana. Heehee! I could not wait. Hana is bigger than I am and her fur is different from mine. I am looking a little flat these days coz I've lost all my undercoat but Hana is still really fluffy. She got a little trim to help her stay cool during the summer months. I wonder how she will look in her full winter coat. When she got down we sniffed each other and spent the morning having our picture taken and lounging around the tables outside the coffee shop listening to our parents exchanging stories about us. They were so nice and they even brought some toys for me. Yipee! New toys!!!
American Eskimo
Hana and me posing for the camera.
American Eskimo
This is the blue bone they gave me. I can't wait to taste it. Slurp!
American Eskimo
It smells like peppermint. Hana is peeking from under the seat to see why I am so excited.
American Eskimo
Hana is a very pretty girl. She is always smiling that wonderful Eskie smile.
American Eskimo
Here is the octopus toy they gave me. I like it the best.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Squeaky Clean

Mommie gave me a bath to help cool me down. She put some toys with me in the water so I got to play around a bit. My nose and pawpads are all better. They are not dry and cracked anymore. And Mom said I had really good color in my gums and tummy today. Wheeee!
American Eskimo

Monday, July 24, 2006

Beating The Heat

Boy it's been super duper hot this summer and even more so the past few days. We have been getting 100 degree temperatures here in our area. And I can feel it all the more with my fur coat on. Mommie has been trying out all sorts of outings for me to get me cooled down without tiring me out.

On Friday, she took me shopping at TJ Maxx and Target. I rode in the shopping cart so I did not have to walk around. It was nicely air conditioned in those places. I did not want to leave. A lot of people were surprised to see me there. We don't know if doggies are allowed but I stayed in my cart quiet as a mouse so that they would not ask me to leave. The cashiers did not seem to mind when they saw me as we were paying for our purchases. There was a couple that were so afraid when they saw me they backed themselves onto a wall as far away from me as possible as Mommie was pushing my cart along. It was so funny to see them react that way. We ate dinner at In N Out Burger. Mom brought my doggie food so I got to eat outside.

On Saturday, Mommie and her friends took me to San Francisco. Mom has been wanting to take me there for a while and now I finally got to go. It was not as hot there as it was at home. We went to the marina so there was a good breeze blowing. I got to walk a couple of feet from the car to the edge of the marina. I saw the waves crashing on the wall below me. I wanted to get a better look but Mommie kept saying I might fall over so she would only let me take a quick peek. There were lots of doggies there but Mommie would not let me say hi. Sigh! I wanted to sniff them but Mommie said it was better to be safe. No telling if they had stuff that I might catch. We did not go on the grassy park either for fear of fleas. But since I wanted to get to the water, they took me to a nearby area where there was a tiny beach. Some kids were playing in the water and Mom's friend took me down to check it out. The water kept moving around. I tried to follow it when it tried to move away from me but it came rushing back at me so I did my best to get away but it got me and my feet got wet. Mom took me to the beach at almost the same time last year but we did not go to the water's edge. We stayed there for a while just sitting and watching the kids playing in the water. I had to wear my hat to shade my eyes from the sun. A lot of people liked me in my hat. Mom got it for me at a street fair in Menlo Park the other weekend. At first I did not want to wear it but I am used to it now. We ate dinner in the city. Mom again brought my doggie food. While I was eating, a small Eskie suddenly came up behind me. He took us by surprise and Mom did not have time to hide me. I was torn between looking at him and eating my dinner. But I was just too hungry so I took a quick sniff and resumed eating. I slept in the car on the way home. It was just a 3 hour outing but I was tired. It has been my longest outing since I got sick. I think it went really well.

On Sunday, we went to the bookstore to cool off. After a while, I asked Mom if we could go. She thought I was bored just lying there. But I wanted to go coz it was dinner time already. When we got home, she realized that was why I was asking to go. Silly Mommie. She should know better that I run on a very strict schedule. Hehe!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trying Out A New Petsitter

We are trying out a new petsitter in case Mommie needs to go out of town. We went to see him a few weeks ago and he was really nice. He has a big back yard with lots of trees. I felt really comfy at his place. Not like that other petsitter's house where I was so afraid Mom would leave me there that I just sat by the door to make sure I did not get left behind. Good thing she never took me back there.

So on Sunday, we went back to visit the nice petsitter. What I did not know was that Mom was gonna leave me there. After playing with the petsitter for a while, I was all comfy. Then Mom hugged me and said goodbye and said that she would be back in an hour to pick me up. This was supposed to be a trial run to see if I would be ok at the sitter's house but I did not understand. I was too busy playing with the petsitter. Then I heard Mom's car door. I ran to the fence to follow but she was already pulling out of the driveway. I clawed on the fence to get it to open but I could not get it to open so I had to watch Mom drive off without me. Sigh! Good thing there was a lot to do. There were rooms and the yard to inspect and neighbours to investigate.

After a while I heard Mom's car and ran to the fence. Yay!!! She came back for me. This time, I made sure not to leave her side so that I would not get left behind. The sitter is real nice and I like him a lot but I much rather be with my Mommie.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Night Out

Mommie took me to Santana Row, an outdoor mall, the other night coz there were so many fireworks near the house that I got so scared. I finally got to go out after being cooped up in the house for so long. We sat on a bench while she and her friend drank coffee so that I did not have to exert any effort walking around. It was great. I got to go out and rest at the same time. I got lots of attention and pats and hugs from the people passing by. Once the person patting me moved on, I immediately looked around to see the next person who would come up to me. It was great!!! I really miss meeting new people. We also sat inside a bookstore for a while so Mommie could read some magazines while I sat around waiting for people to pat me. Hehe! So that is also kind of like my first walk in months. I got to walk from the car to the bookstore. Maybe next time I will be able to walk farther. There were no doggies coz it was already late. I would like to sniff some doggies but Mommie said it was better this way coz I cannot risk catching something from them. But at least I got to mark some potted plants. Hehe!