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American Eskimo Dog Keepsake Doll
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rude Awakening

I was sleeping soundly yesterday morning when all of a sudden I was jarred awake and found myself on the floor. I was so shocked. Mommie awoke when she heard a loud thump which was me landing on the floor. Ouch! She jumped up and checked me at once. My gums were so pale they were almost white. She said I probably rolled over in my sleep and fell off the bed. Sniff! I usually wake Mommie up so she can carry me off the bed because it is quite high. It took a few minutes for my gummies to get back to normal. Mommie was ready to take me to the doc if it did not. So I did not get to play all day and Mommie carried me up and down the stairs to make sure I did not relapse. Last night, I did not want to sleep up on the bed because I was afraid I would fall again so I spent the night on my doggie bed on the floor. I miss cuddling with Mommie though so maybe tonight I will feel up to sleeping on the human bed again. I've fallen off the bed before but that bed was not as high and the way I rolled over, I landed on all four feet. Mommie said I should not keep staying on the edge of the bed. But I like it there. I love dangling my feet and toys over the side. Teehee!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Casper Visits Hana For Valentine's

DING DONG! I came to visit Hana for a Valentine's date. I saw her on her perch at the window and she barked as soon as she saw me. Here she is zipping to the front door to greet me.

She even had some toys out for me to play with. What a great hostess.

Here we are at the dining table. I went out and bought Hana a bunch of treats for her barkday/Valentine's. They are heart shaped apple treats. And Hana baked some pumpkin treats for me.

They smelled really good.

Hana's Mommie made me a custom ribbon necklace. Here I am getting measured.

Hana was there to supervise every step of the way.

This is the part where I get the garter trimmed to my exact size.

While they were working on it. I decided to help but it turned out it was more fun to munch on the ribbons.


Eventually we decided to make it green in time for St. Patrick's Day and since my barkday is in March.

Here we are patiently waiting and watching ...

And soon I was outfitted with my very own ribbons!

We decided to pose some more at the table and earned lots of treats from the pawparazzi.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Oh boy! Snow!

They had a great surprise for me this weekend. I was all excited coz I saw Mommie packing my bag. That usually means I am in for an adventure. So we got in the car and drove off. After the first hour, I fell asleep coz we had not gotten there yet. I was still wondering where we were headed but was too sleepy to keep looking out the window. Finally, we arrived and when I got out of the car, my feet landed on SNOW. Wowwwweeee!!!! We were in Lake Tahoe. I was so happy! We got into the hotel and I was all excited sniffing around and investigating the place. The hotel was ready for me. They had a blanket, a bowl and treats for me. But Mommie brought me my own bowl and blanket coz she said it would be safer for me. I did get to eat the treats though. Hehe!

Lookit my big vacation bed! I am still shedding like crazy so Mommie brought my blanket from home for me to lay on. I was all excited to start playing in the snow but Mommie said it was time for bed. It was a long drive to get here so she said we would play in the morning.

The next day, I was up bright and early but everyone was still snoozing. I kept trying to wake Mommie up but she said it was too early. So I waited impatiently. Finally, everyone was up but I had to wait for everyone to get dressed and to go get breakfast. It is better to be a doggie. I was ready to go out instantly coz I had my built in sweater. Teehee! Outside the room, the had these neat-o chairs in the hallway. You could sit on these and watch the snow outside.

There was a golf course outside and it was all filled with snow so that is where we played. Here are some action shots of me having a great time in the snow.

I love munching on snow. Here is a video of me eating away at my snowball.

I also had loads of fun riding this snow saucer. Mommie's friend brought it over a week ago and I rode on it immediately. It was fun and they pushed me around the living room in the saucer. Now I know what it is really for. Teehee! Mommie also rode with me for a bit. It was good we had it coz I got tired really quick from playing so I rested in the saucer while they pulled me so that they could keep walking in the snow.

Soon we found a great spot to make a snowman. So while I rested, they went to work. Mommie thought it would be a good idea to make a snow Eskie. I was real curious about it coz it kind of looked like me.

Then I decided to pose like it.

Here's a picture of the snowmen with the snow Eskie.

Murphy and his Mom came over to admire our handiwork. I played with Murphy for a bit and he pulled me in my saucer for a while. He also rode the saucer down a slope a few times. It looked like fun but Mommie said I might fall out. We decided to head back shortly after that also coz it was getting really cold and I was too tired already. So back we went so I could take a long nap.

After that, we went in search of dinner. There was a small doggie store beside the grocery so Mommie took me there. She got me some treats and was paying for it when she noticed that I had picked my own treat from the display. She checked it out and said it looked ok for me to have so she bought it for me. Wheee!!! This is such a great vacation!!! I get to spend all day with Mommie and play in the snow and get treats, too!!!

The next day was bit of a downer though. I was too tired still from the previous day's activities so even though I wanted to play, I did not have the energy. I did not even have energy to enjoy riding the saucer anymore. Then I saw a doggie and wanted to say hello so badly. I gave a holler to call the doggie over. Mommie said the sound I made sounded so sad. He was running after a ball that his owner threw. Then we found out that he was the doggie of the person in charge of cleaning the rooms in the hotel. Mommie let me say hello to him through the window. And Mommie's friend went in to ask if the doggie passed my health checklist to see if I can say hello directly but he said the dog growled at him. Yikes! So we scrapped that idea. And then came the runs. Sigh! Mommie thinks it may have been all the snow I ate or perhaps the treat I picked out. So they had to wash my butt before leaving coz it was a mess. We decided to head home earlier than planned coz I was too tired and had the runs. I guess it was too much excitement for me. But I am still so happy we got to go. I love the snow! I slept the entire drive home dreaming of my adventures. Today, I am still having the runs so I am to rest the whole day. Phooey! I hope it clears up soon so I can ride my saucer again in the living room and pretend I am in Tahoe. Teehee!