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American Eskimo Dog Wall Calendar
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American Eskimo Dog Keepsake Doll
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show

When Mommie and her friends came home yesterday, they smelled suspiciously of other doggies. I sniffed them all over and I could detect all sorts of doggie smells on them. So they confessed that they went to a dog show at the Cow Palace where they saw all sorts of doggies and they petted a few of them. She said they saw a lot of Eskies there. I was not pleased that they did not bring me along. Hmph! I would have had a blast saying hello to all the doggies there. As a peace offering Mommie brought me home a packet of chicken and gravy that she put on my dinner. So now all is forgiven. That stuff was super tasty. Here are some pix they took.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Beer For Doggies

Oh boy! Now we have our own beer! Check out this news story. -> Pet Shop Owner Creates Beer For Dogs

Hana and Sioba

Hana and Sioba came to visit me yesterday. We hung out at the community pool. It was great coz we had the place to ourselves coz it is empty during the winter. And it is gated so we could roam around freely. Sioba and I were playing around when he suddenly decided to dive into the pool. Everyone was shocked and did not know what to do because Sioba had never been in a pool before. Good thing Sioba turned out to be a natural-born swimmer and swam the length of the pool with no problem. Once he got out, his Mommie rushed to their car to get a towel to dry him off. They had to leave a bit after that coz it was cold and Sioba might get the sniffles since he was so wet. Too bad! Maybe next time I will have more time to play with him. And to get a picture with him.

Hana and I spent the rest of the time walking around the pool and sniffing the perimeter. There were lots of things to investigate. We hardly stayed still so our Mommies had a hard time getting pictures of us. Haha! Hana wore her pink ribbons and I wore the blue and green ones her Mommie made for me. The ribbons look real nice next to white Eskie fur. Gives us a nice splash of color.

The pool had some leaves floating in it and Hana was closely watching them as they moved around. I got a bit thirsty and took a little drink from the pool but when Mommie saw me, she said not to do that and that I should drink from my little water bowl. Not sure why coz isn't the pool just one giant water bowl? I guess it is just as well coz it tasted pretty nasty anyway.

I wanted to play some more when we got home. But Mommie found a couple of red spots on me so she said I had to get some rest. I did not feel like resting so I took one of my toys and ran to the corner but she came and said it was time for bed and was gonna take my toy away. I would not let her and held on to my toy tightly. But eventually Mommie was able to take it and she put me in bed. Sniff! I gave her my sad face so she would know I was not happy at having my toy taken away. But she explained that I had to rest up and that when the spots were gone then I could play again.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

San Francisco Is The Place To Be

My family took me to San Francisco on the weekend. I got to try walking for a few blocks to see how I would do. I love going there coz I get to go shopping. And I got loads of pats from the people who saw me. Most of the stores let doggies in. And one of the stores even gave me some biscuits. But I would not accept it from the sales person. I only took it when Mommie or my cousin gave it to me. Can't be too careful. Haha!

But I was not allowed in the Disney Store coz they said it was to protect the kids. Rats! In some places, they asked Mommie to carry me coz that is their store policy. I guess they are afraid that doggies might leave them little souvenirs. They don't know that I know better than to do that. But I am too big for Mom to carry for long so we mostly go to places where I can walk around. And one of the points of being out is to be able to sniff all the different stuff so I would rather be on the ground anyway. I got to mark lots of plant pots and poles and even a couple of fire hydrants. Teehee! Good thing I did not have to ride the stroller.

I got real tired so Mommie sat with me on one of the mall sofas. Lots of people stopped by to give me pats and to ask what kind of doggie I was. Goodie! Eventually, I fell asleep coz it was a really comfy sofa. But I had to get up when I heard someone asking about me coz of course I had to go to her to get my pat. Hehe!

Mom said Europe was even better coz they let doggies go to shops, restaurants, offices; pretty much everywhere. I wish we lived in a place where I could go everywhere with Mommie. Anyway, I am back under house arrest to rest from my day out.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Christmas Vacation

Mommie and I spent the holidays apart. She had to go away to go to her friend's wedding and I stayed behind with her friends. She said it was not possible for her to take me coz it was out of the country and I would not be able to travel such a far distance. Hmph! Plus I needed to stay close to my doctor. So, a few weeks before her trip, she kept bringing me to her friend's house so that I could get familiar with the place. I like it there coz they like to spoil me. Hehe! But the night Mommie left me, I woke up in the middle of the night and found myself alone and I was not sure where I was. So I felt sick and threw up everything I ate for the day. Sniff! Good thing they heard me moving around downstairs. When they saw what happened, they promoted me to the upstairs so that I could sleep in their room. Nice! I felt much better knowing they were with me. And they never left me on my own for too long. I had them with me almost all day every day. Way cool! Some of their relatives came over to visit for a few days and one of them brought a little poodle called Pepe. Pepe and I made good pals. I wish I could play with him all day but I needed my rest so we only played for a bit each day. They also gave me a great red donkey for Christmas. Whee! And Mommie gave me a stocking of toys. I wish she was there to see me open it. My favorite gift is the blue and green plush bone she got me. When Mommie came home the other day, we picked her up from the airport. I did not greet her. I was not pleased that she left me. So when we got home, I ignored her for a bit. But eventually I went and sat on her lap and fell asleep on her tummy. I could not stay mad at Mom too long coz I missed her so much. I am so glad we are back together. Check out my vacation pix. You can click on them to make them bigger.