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American Eskimo Dog Keepsake Doll
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Close Call

I have been very naughty. My desire to go and play outside made me do something very bad. I saw the garage door was open and I decided this was my chance to go outside. So off I went with every intention of speeding my way towards the neighbor's bushes. All the while looking backwards to see if Mommie saw me. She of course did and was on her way to stop me. As soon as I stepped a few inches outside the garage door, one of the neighbors' cars pulled up. Before I knew what was happening, Mommie had reached the car and put her hand up to signal it to stop and scooped me up out of harm's way. Luckily, the driver saw us and braked immediately. Mommie is very upset about this and I got a scolding. She said what I did was bad and very dangerous and we were very lucky I was not hurt.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Outing, Finally!

Well Mommie's been keeping me indoors coz it's that scary time of the year. I have been soooo very bored here at home. Her plan was to wait for April to let me go out. Thank goodness she finally relented today and took me out for coffee. I've been telling her for days that I want to go out. So she said it may be safer if we went a bit farther from the house. So we drove to Japantown in San Jose. We walked from the car to the coffee place and I sat on my chair watching people go by. I got lots of pats and smiles. And a few people came over to ask what kind of doggie I was. When people ask that and hear I am an American Eskimo Dog, usually they will say that they thought I was a Pomeranian. Mom says I look like a miniature Samoyed or a giant Pomeranian. Haha! Everyone said I was so well behaved and so clean. They always assume I just got a bath. We will hear comments like 'Oh look who just got a bath.' Haha! They do not know I have not bathed since last year. The waitress at the coffee shop came out to give me a treat, too. I even saw a couple of doggies. Their owners parked their cars on the curb in front of me so I got to see them from my seat. They barked hello to me from their car windows. It was good to see doggies. Wish I could have sniffed them hello. I did get to sniff some coffee. Lookit this cute heart design on Mommie's coffee.

We stayed there for an hour or so and I eventually fell asleep on my chair coz I was tired. I also slept as soon as I got into the car. I woke up when we passed by the post office. The post office is the best place ever. When we go it usually means there is a goodie package for me. And true enough, my pal Siku had a belated barkday surprise for me from Dugan's Barkery. Thanks Siku and Quinn! Quinn is Siku's new little brother. They rescued him all the way from California. Isn't that awesome? Eskie pals across states helped to get him to Arizona to be with Siku. Another example of how great Eskie people are.

Mommie is also giving me milk thistle now to help with my liver. It tastes awful. Not like milk at all. But hopefully it will help. At least I get a treat after taking the milk thistle so I can get the taste of it out of my mouth.
And my fishies are getting very comfy with me. Before they did not want to eat while I watched them but now they come up to the surface to eat even when I am hovering over the bowl watching them. It's so cool to see them moving around so much and coming up to the surface.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Back From The Vet

Mommie took me to see the doctor yesterday morning. I had to fast all night to prepare for my bloodtest. I was happy to ride in the car and looked at the nice green mountains on the freeway. At the hospital, I met a new student doctor. She said she has a Samoyed and I look like a miniature version of her doggie. My real doctor also checked my paw and said it was all better. Goodie! She said I would need some cancer screening tests coz I am already getting old. Also my PCV has gone up to 44%. Yipee! But my platelets are down to 130k. My liver enzymes are still elevated and she found fat in my blood despite the fasting. So she wants to do more tests like xrays and ultrasounds to see what is going on. Sigh! More testing. I just want to be healthy. Anyway, I enjoyed the car ride home. Mommie brought my breakfast so I could eat immediately after the poking. So I ate in the car while enjoying the view. I was sooo hungry. When I got home, I immediately went to tell my fishies about my car ride and trip to the vet. And Mommie gave me extra treats to make up for the fasting.

Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm 8 Today!

It's my barkday today and I am now 8 years old. My how time flies! I wonder if 8 means I am now a senior doggie. Mommie says she can hardly believe I am 8 coz she says I still look like a baby. Hehe! She prepared this ice cream cake for me using Frosty Paws ice cream and the candle and candy sprinkles Jasmine sent. She put it in my new Garfield dish which is courtesy of Cappy and Oliver.

Thanks for all the goodies everyone! My good pals Jasmine, Cappy and Oliver, Sadie, Auntie Kari and Auntie Katt sent me great prezzies. I got tons and tons of treats, a Dino toy, a beanie toy, barkday cards, a Garfield food bowl and tushie wipes. After eating all the treats, they even sent me Greenies to brush my teeth with. Thanks again!!!

Here is my new dinosaur toy. His name is Chris. I love playing with him.

And Mommie got me some new fishies! Oh it's been so long. I miss having fishies. I always check the bowl and there is never any fish in there so when Mommie came home with a bag of fish I was so excited. She put them in the bowl and carried them to the table and I was jumping up and down in excitement all the way.

I love watching them swim around. I met Prints the cat a few weeks ago. I think he will like fishies, too. They are fun to watch and are so pretty. I visit them several times to say hello. Watch me watching my fishies on this video.

Mommie gave me a taste of the treats and they are soooo delicious but now I have to fast for my blood test tomorrow. Hoping for good numbers.