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American Eskimo Dog Keepsake Doll
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Watching TV/Movies

I love watching tv and always make sure it is on as we get up in the morning and when we come home. I sit in front of the tv and stare at it intensely until it turns on. But I do not like horror and suspense movies. They are quite scary and make me want to climb up Mommie and her friends. So Mommie said she would stop watching those as they stress me out a lot. One movie I am hoping to watch is Bolt. It is new from Disney and looks like it will be fun to see. My all-time favorite movie is Eight Below. I kept trying to run along with the doggies in the snow.

We went to see a drive-in movie a few weeks ago. That way I could come along. I am too big to sneak into a regular movie theater so this was the alternative. There were loads of people there. But the movie started past my bedtime so I only watched the beginning and slept through most of the movie. We should go earlier next time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Vacation Over

We got back a few days ago. Vacation is over. Sniff! But it was fun while it lasted. I got up enough courage to sniff my baby cousin. While he had his back to me of course so that he could not grab my fur. I do miss visiting with the fishies in the pond and birds in their cages. Uncle even put together an aquarium. I was all excited and kept jumping up to see the fishies but he said it would take a few days for all the chemicals and pump to be ready before he could add fishies. I also had tons of fun playing with the baby toys. My fave was a plastic ball that was hanging. Here is a video.

The things I will not miss are the screen door and the smoke alarm. I had two instances when I ran right smack into the screen door. It was like an invisible barrier that just stopped me in my tracks and pushed me away from the house. How evil! Now I paw the doorway first to check if the screen is there before I go through. And the smoke alarm kept beeping because the battery was low. But they could not tell which one was making the noise coz it did not beep consistently. Everytime I heard it, I would try to get away. I tried running to Grandma's room, running out to the yard, hiding under the desk and even jumping into Mommie's suitcase to show her that it was time to pack up and leave.

The day we left was quite sad. My cousin Brenny was crying and crying because he did not want us to go. He kept hugging me and telling me he would miss me and that he loved me. Mommie told him that we could always visit each other but that did not console him. He said he wanted us to live with him. Poor cousin!

On the day we left also, Mommie was loading the car with our stuff and the car door slammed shut on her head. Grandma gave her an ice pack to put on the bump. I sniffed her head too to see if all was well and then proceeded to eat the ice from her ice pack. Yumm!

It is good to be home but that also means Mommie is going back to work. Sigh! I wish Mommie did not have to go to work.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


After a few boring weeks stuck at home, Mommie finally took me on vacation! Grandpa and Grandma are in town from the Philippines so we picked them up at the airport and we are all now staying at Uncle's house. It is so nice here. They have a big backyard and lots of room for me to run around even inside.

They even have birds for me to watch. Three budgies and one canary.

And they a big pond with huge fishies. My fishies never got this big! Mommie said my fishies were the food for these fishies. I wanted to take a really good look but Uncle and Mommie stopped me. They said I would fall in.

My cousin and I rode this cable car ride at the mall.

And here is my cousin giving me a hug outside Starbuck's. He said I am his best friend. Isn't he sweet? I have another baby cousin and I sniffed him but he pulled my fur and made me cry so I am avoiding him. That is why I do not have a picture with him. Maybe next time when he will not pull my fur coz it hurts a lot.

Here is the tent my cousin sleeps in. He invited me to sleep in it but it was too hot so I eventually slept outside it on the bed with Mommie.

Mommie got my cousin an inflatable pool for this birthday and we had lots of fun in it. It is really hot here so it was nice to take a dip.